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There's micro edits being added all the time but this month there was a few meatier additions so it's worth making a blog post about. Let's take a quick peek at what new things might be lurking under the hood.


The main features added in recently are:

  • Autosave for product descriptions. This is super basic at the moment and I've not put a way to pull the autosave back out. Right now you just have to copy and paste the html from the metafield to the description HTML. Like I said - it's basic.
  • Shipping Rates copy and paste feature has returned to let you add rates in bulk. This is likely useful for the Euro stores, or anyone that likes to have a lot of custom rates per region.

Custom Fields for Shopify

Not any major additions this time round but there was some new field types added. Custom Fields will now support:

  • Date fields
  • Number fields
  • Colour fields (if you're using Chrome).

Ignoring any of the usual updates and tweaks, that's everything. 


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