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Shopify super backup was a tool created to help me backup store data as a useful safety net when editing client stores. It was pretty important the this tool also made a backup of the metafields as well since stores are starting to use them heavily. 

Since it could export data I figured it should have the ability to import back into the store as well. Adding that import feature meant the tool had the ability to copy a store between different accounts. Pretty handy really. The Shopify API loves json files so this was going to be the base file type for import and export.

One way I tend to use it a lot is for filling development stores with fake data (for testing). The process is simple:

  • Run the tool
  • Import my master json file
  • Done!
  • The new store store now has a few hundred products, a few dozen pages and articles, a bunch of collections, and some common linklists.

If you're wondering where this tool is - don't. It's not quite ready for prime time yet even though it's been through internal testing and passed the grade on live storefronts.

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