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Jason from Freakdesign

Jason 'Freak Design' Bowman is a designer and creative director from Australia.

He has directed, designed and illustrated for the best. Jason has produced and directed creative works professionally in freelance, studio and agency roles in Asia Pacific (almost) 20 years. He has been published internationally in art and design books, magazines, newspapers and has exhibited artwork worldwide.

“Jason is an artist before technician, however he is also a masterful technician.”

Quirks aside, he has a freakishly diverse folio featured in a variety of mediums from canvas to walls to magazines to books to skin to all the way up the blue chip design ladder. We have seen paper and fabric prints, interactive designs, film and tv animations, branding and style guides, illustrations, advertising and the occasional Hollywood tattoo – all with that unmistakable and desirable freakdesign twist.

“You know that manic guy that just gets it? That’s Jason. We have a solid roster of creatives and he is on the top of the list.”

Jason is a creatively compulsive fellow that will know the font before reading the word, will detect microscopic misalignments from one hundred yards and will be sure to be the last man standing in the meanest of late night parties. Our advice, lock up the vodka.

Rambling Rambler

Of course he is far too busy working @ Shopify Plus (and talking in the third person) to keep rambling on here so if you need to know more, or need with something amazing just drop him a line.

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