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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a commerce solution that allows you to set up store to sell your goods both online and off without hassle. With the recent addition of their POS it's a viable solution for bricks and mortar retail stores too. Australian store owners have been quick to adopt Shopify as their ecommerce platform of choice.

Freakdesign (aka: me!) is an Australian Shopify Expert focused on design, development and setup. In 2014, I was named a winning Shopify Partner of the 2014 Build a Business competition whilst working with a startup Brisbane whilst I was based in Brisbane.

If your down for a read, check out all the awesome reviews folks have said about me over the years. Pretty humbling to read through them all myself but proud of the work so glad the client loved it too. Never a bad day when you get great feedback - here's one of my favorites:

Jason is amazing. Over the month I worked with him, he took the shell of an unfinished web site and turned it into something gorgeous and functional. He was willing to collaborate with me, bringing some sketches i had down on paper to life. He treated me with respect, and stayed committed until every last detail was worked thorough. This shows an incredible degree of patience and care – a skill set that doesn’t show up enough in this marketplace amongst the listing of proficiencies in web programming languages, SEO, marketing, and development. You can’t hire someone to care. They actually have to do it themselves. Jason cares. The site he designed plays to our strengths as a company and reflects our core values – and a week after launch, it’s already something that has paid dividends.

Jason Bowman & freakdesign = Solid designer, solid human being.

Do I need to use a Shopify Expert to edit my Shopify store?

No, and don't let someone try to tell you otherwise. There can be advantages to using someone local to you (like Sydney, Brisbane, etc) but don't feel pressured that way. Of course those experts will be around if you're stuck or need something advanced. In most cases you'll be able to DIY those simple things, and with handy resources like the ecommerce forums you're not far away from a helping hand. You'll find me on the forums on a semi-regular basis helping out people for free - just keep an eye out for the 'Jason'. Be sure to say hi!

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