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Since I’ve been drinking way too much caffeine (and keeping myself busy as a Shopify Expert) , I’ve put some extra awake time into collating all my little JavaScript dashboard hacks into a one handy resource. I’m calling it ShopifyFD. It’s pretty easy tool to use and can let you do fancier things with your theme editing.

Follow the post on the Shopify Forums.

Some of the scripts had been part of my daily toolkit, others have been added over time thanks to suggestions and feedback from users. It’s important to note that this tool is not supported by Shopify so don’t bother them with your support requests. This part should be obvious, but use this tool at your own risk.

The current version now has over 500 user and will remain a continued work in progress. For a running commentary on the features and updates be sure to follow this thread on the Shopify forums. You may want to follow the public development on GitHub (which is also the place to leave bug reports), or follow me on twitter.

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