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I am sure MasterPass is a wonderful thing, full of awesome security and other such goodness. Full credit to the team on that front. Since I deal with a lot of eCommerce things on a daily basis I know that anything that adds security to purchases is never a bad thing.

MasterPass however is not the thing that makes me shop in fear.

What does scare the pants off me is shown in their latest tvc. Take a look at that glorious still above - who in their right mind would shop at a store like that (MasterPass secured or otherwise)? That's the worst of 90s ecommerce design, complete with flashing banners and all. 

Someone in post production actually took the time to design this ugly thing up, and the producer figured this was a good idea to include. Maybe the point is that you're safe to shop at even the dodgiest looking stores. Maybe you are, but not really the right message to be sending.

Pretty cute tvc other than that. You should watch it.

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