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MailChimp data driven campaigns can be automatically filled with content pulled directly from your RSS feed. This is pretty darn cool, but a common issue for Shopify custom feeds is that the image does not appear - let's fix that.

Oh noes, I haz no image

The lack of images wasn't really a problem before since Shopify didn't support native blog post images. Since that feature has been baked in for ages now, the old feed scripts I had written are due for a serious update.

Oh - if you're using apps at the moment to generate your feeds this post really doesn't apply to you. This is for those merchants that want to DIY a custom feed using alternate templates without an app. Sure it takes a little bit of code, but I think the effort it worth it. Now if the mere thought of touching code is going to make your head explode, than just stick with an app and read no further.

Codey McCodeface

Here's a link to the repo that has the code for the Shopify Blog Feed or you can just copy and paste the code from below.

grabbing the code...

To use the code you'll want to add a new blog template.

Once done you'll see that it has the same content as the main blog template. Delete everything in the content area by replacing it with our now code. 

Mailchimp Template changes

Most mailchimp templates won't have the code in place to show the image so you'll need to edit the template and add the *|RSSITEM:IMAGE|* merge tag

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