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A great way to showcase your press appearances is with a social proof page showing those publications you're featured in. Dedicated blogs make it easy to feature collections of publications, so let's explore how.

The idea

The idea is simple.

  1. Create a dedicated blog on your Shopify store.
  2. For each press appearance you'll make a blog post, and add an image for the publication cover (or just the article itself).
  3. For a bit of SEO juice, add a nice title and description.
  4. Once that's all set up we just need to create an alternate template and add some code that will grab some of those articles and show them in a cool grid on a page.

That code is what we'll be running through in this post.

Tip: If you're adding something like this to a clients store you should add a bunch of Theme Settings to give the merchant control over what blog is used, and some basic visual settings. I'm just hard coding settings in here, but that's for simplicity and not best practice.

The Example

Jump over to my experiments  store for a quick Shopify press page example. What you see there is simple, but you can expand upon it to have a slider, modal popups, etc.

The code

The code repo has been added to GitHub with the main file shown below.

grabbing the code...

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