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A common question that pops up from Shopify Merchants is how can the article ID be removed from the Article URL. The answer is super simple (and built in!) thanks to recent update. 

First of all, this really should have a lot more fanfare than what I've seen so far (other than a forum post). It's a feature that many have longing for, so very cool to see it become a reality. Massive thumbs up to the devs involved.

As a side note, if you're not already following the API Announcement threads on the Shopify Forums, you should. 

"Just get to the point Jason"

Let's go inception style and look at default url for this post (before I've even saved it)...

^ Notice how there are no numbers added to the handle? So good. This also means that you can be 100% aware of what the handle will be before you publish it.

Now you might be wondering what happens to the old articles you might have already published. Don't worry - those won't change. You can jump back to those articles and revise the handle to remove the id (if you want). As usual, a 301 can be automatically created to redirect that old path to the new one.

If you use Disqus for your comments also check out how to Keep the Disqus comments when changing the handle.

[update] Thanks to a helpful comment from Sebastien my typo is now fixed in this articles title. It will however live on forever in the gif above. 

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