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ShopifyFD is breaking for some folk, and soon will break for everyone. This will cause some pain in the short term for those that rely on it, but there is a magical new version being made behind the scenes. Hang tight and give me a chance to work on that. 

If you're interested let's talk about the cause. The Shopify Admin has moved to react and adopted GraphQL. This is a good thing for the Admin and Shopify to do. 

For those using react you'll know that the class names/identifiers can be funky (eg: d5u33). The tools have relied on predefined class names to help identify parts of the Admin so they know where to pop in the custome UI. We don't have that now so there is issue number 1. The fix here is to approach it by adding a panel at the bottom of the page since there is an element with a fixed ID we can reference, or build a totally freestanding panel. The panel is going to be the most resilient option.

That brings us to GraphQL. Right now the code is using the REST API to make the calls. That's no longer available via the Admin so we can't hitchhike on the existing authentication token. A move to GraphQL is required.

Together, it requires a pretty fundamental change.

The current version - and what exists in GitHub - won't get many further updates. Instead, there'll a new repo added once the other is ready to go. Just like the current version it will be open source.

For a free tool built on energy drinks and insomnia we've done well to keep it all working. A fresh take will also come with the benefit that I don't have to cringe when I look at the patchwork JavaScript in place.

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"like, that totally sucks dude!"

Yep, and I totally feel your pain here. I still used ShopifyFD a lot in my day to day so I miss it already. Things to remember is that there's apps and the Admin itself has native metafield editing via the Bulk Editor. There'll be options to cover you in the meantime.

I have feedback (or rants, or complaints)

Feedback on the tool can still added to the current github repo in an issue. I read them all. Rants and complaints I'll read those too but leave those in comments below. Email me as your peril - my inbox is already in a crazy place so may just get a purge.

If you just want to post that it's broken - please don't. I know all about it so save my inbox. Less time I have to dig through those the sooner I can put some eyes on a new version.

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