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Most people I talk to assume that ShopifyFD must be generating serious amounts of cash given the large user base. The figures are still decent but no one is buying an island anytime soon - let's have a peek at some numbers from the last two years.

Let me first say that I am still - even after all these years - humbled by those that have contributed tips to the development of ShopifyFD. Payment is 100% optional so it's the best kind of fist bump when I see one come in.

I care more about seeing you make awesome things with Shopify than the money, so if this tool helps I am happy. 

If we look back over the last two years here's some interesting data. There may be a nice chart coming with deeper insights but you're getting the lazy short version for now.

  • Total received: AUD$950.45. That's a decent amount of vodka coffee.
  • Total people that donated: 67.
  • AUD$5 is the most common tip amount (or AUD$4.52 once paypal fees kick in)
  • AUD$1 is the smallest (or AUD$0.66 after fees)
  • Current weekly users of the tool: 11,413 on last count.

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