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The Shopify team working within the Admin made some very nice updates to the way that shipping rates are handled and shown. Unfortunately for ShopifyFD users, that killed off the copy and paste feature, but now it's back.

I had originally made a half-assed fix that did the job, but was a little too dirty for my tastes. I realise this whole project is a hack, but I still want to avoid crap code where possible. So with some icky weather outside not suitable for the motorbike - and drink in hand - I've put together an alternate version. This one I like, and it doesn't work against the native methods for adding rates (and doesn't put the Carrier rates at risk).

It's not without drawbacks of course. The main one is that after every save the admin will do a hard reload. This means that ShopifyFD will be lost, and need to be run again. The rates are saved (into your browsers localstorage) so they will be waiting for you to paste into other zones even if you need to re-run the extension.

This update is live, so if you're not seeing it I'd suggest clearing the cache and trying again. Please report any issues here.

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