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Talking to merchants around the world lets you learn about the many unique ways they need to run their stores . On example of this is a recent email I had from a merchant in the Netherlands that wanted to show BTW instead of VAT in notification emails.

VAT is the default display for tax in that region within Shopify and as far as I knew VAT was the correct term to use too. Hearing the merchants comments and reading things like this gave me extra insight. 

The code needed to change the tax label to say BTW instead of VAT in notifications (like Order Confirmation) is quite simple. Take a look at mini code block below: 

{% for line in tax_lines %}...{{ line.title | replace: 'VAT','BTW' }}...{% endfor %}

The important part is where the replace filter is added that looks for VAT and replaces it with BTW. Simples. 

Any questions just throw them in the comments.

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