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The need to schedule content changes in Shopify is something that apps are great at since the API gives many options for changes in content, and theme. Now if you're feeling a little DIY and want to build in something without an app there is way - let's explore it.

The magic is to use articles.

Since you can queue up the publishing of articles you're able to leverage that to act as a timer of sorts to drive your content. Let's take a simple example where you have a dedicated "schedule" blog with 10 articles within. Each of those articles publishes on a weekly cycle at 8am Monday morning.

The content (or excerpt) of the article could be anything, but let's say that it has nothing but a collection handle. Your Liquid code would look to see what the latest article is in that blog and pull out that handle. Once you have a handle, the code can show the collection on the home page in whatever fancy way needed. What this means is that every Monday at 8am a new collection will be featured.

You could grab a coffee and and do 52 weeks in a short amount of time- keeping your Monday mornings free for other fun tasks.

Now if your article should be readable and found by humans, the special content can be easily stored in the excerpt or even a metafield for neatness. 

There's very little point in me doing a demo of this since you might have landed here well after my last post has been scheduled. Instead you'll just need to flex those imagination muscles and turn the code below into mind magic.  

Let's run through the setup steps

Step 1: Create a dedicated blog. We're not going to pollute the existing blog you have on the store so make a brand new one. Call it whatever you like, but "Scheduler" works if you need inspiration.

Step 2: Add some scheduled posts. Lots of them. I'm not going to tell you how to add articles or go in depth for what a handle is. I assume you know about these things. 

^ If you don't want these posts to be viewed by customers be sure to noindex them or make a special article and blog template that stops them from being seen.

Step 2: Add code to your home page (or somewhere). Every theme is different so what / where / how you do this will be different too. Don't expect to copy and paste this for a finished result. Take the code and adapt it. Hopefully you learn some cool things about Liquid along the way.

grabbing the liquid snippet...

Why not just use time in Liquid?

Due to the caching in Shopify you can't rely on time based Liquid to make scheduled changes. 

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