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Custom Theme design is something I enjoy (probably secondary to brand design and vodka!). With nearly 2 decades of design experience - plus the first hand insight from running my own retails stores I've got the the tools and expert knowledge required to create things of beauty (that actually convert to sales!).

Custom design is cool in the sense that no two custom designed stores are alike. Each one is tailored to your specific long term needs. As a sidepoint - this site is running on Shopify.

Since I'm often in demand the waiting list for custom builds can be long but I'm always looking for interesting projects. I've got solid track record of success (as shown in the recent Build a Business Competition) so I'd be worth the wait. Drop me a line to see what I am currently up to. You'll be sure to get a simple no bullshit approach with upfront and honest communication. Read some reviews.

I develop and maintain the ShopifyFD and Custom Tools browser tools which helps over 3000 stores do more with the Shopify dashboard, and make customization faster and easier. Custom versions of these tools have been developed for various clients with specific dashboard needs.

Do I need a custom designed theme?

No. There are plenty of themes in the Shopify Theme store that are great perfect starting places, and for some stores that really all they need. Long term however you'd want to be making your own unique mark, and adding features that are specific for your demographic. For that, you'd want custom work.

If you're not at the point of needing a custom logo, you're probably not needing a custom theme. Lucky for you I love branding and design projects so could knock both out at once.

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