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Shopify Experts are designers, programmers, web devs or photographers (businesses or freelance) that have been listed in the Shopify Experts directory. There's lots of good people listed over there so if you need a helping hand that's a good place to start regardless of the size of your project. It's become a really useful resource for store owners.

I'm a big supporter of the Expert Program and think it can greatly benefit store owners and suppliers. Shopify Experts are not just from Australia - like me - you'll find them all over the world. No doubt you'll find a good match and one that could even do a face to face meeting.

If you are a potential Shopify customer (good choice!) and you're thinking of using an expert be aware that:

  • Experts are not employees of Shopify.
  • Shopify is not responsible for them (in any way)
  • Experts are not obligated to work for you.
  • Other terms and conditions about the connection between Shopify and the Experts are listed in Shopify Terms.

Now before you jump over to the expert pages and start firing messages off to every single person let's run through some important points. It's nothing that should put you off, but good info to have.

  • There's no intensive qualification and screening process.
    Some requirements are noted here on a Shopify blog post but in reality it's not difficult to be listed. For hopeful Experts starting out (like I was once) this makes it's really easy to jump on board. I was glad it was not too tough. The drawback however is that it's a little easier for some dodgy people to find their way into the list.
  • There is not any kind of official Shopify Expert accreditation.
    Anyone telling you they are "Qualified Shopify Experts" is - quite simple - spinning bullshit. They've been approved to be listed in the directory - that's all. 
  • Being listed as an "Expert" doesn't mean they are any good at basics.
    The basics include things like client liaison, communication, fair cost pricing, professionalism, etc. Those things are hard for the expert team to pre-screen so be sure to do some screening yourself. Before agreeing to a contract (or terms) you should look at the Experts previous work. If you need more assurance, consider asking them for a reference from a third party with an active Shopify store.
  • Experts have been removed from the directory after repeated complaints.
    Don't look at that as a bad thing - if nothing else it should give you some confidence that there is some moderation in place to help keep things awesome. At least you've got some recourse if you come across someone truly awful.
  • Lots - if not all - of Experts will have 100% positive reviews.
    This is not hard to achieve since Shopify Experts can choose who to send a review form to. Only a crazy person would ask for a review when they expect it to be negative so this makes sense. Not all jobs go to plan - that's just a reality of creative projects - so if I know someone would be leaving me some horrid review I'd think twice about asking them for one too. [update] The stars ratings are now gone and a simple thumbs up, thumbs down system is now in place. 
  • An expert can not change a review. 
    At least you know the ones given are largely legit. It's still possible to fake it but those reviews are never to hard to spot.

Need some other honest answers for Shopify Experts questions? Shoot me a message - will be happy to answer them and add it to the list here.

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