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Files. Files. Files...

If you're doing some self backups you'll suddenly have the need to grab a list of all the files you've uploaded to the Shopify Admin page at /admin/settings/files. Here's a quick JavaScript snippet to export a list of those files. 

This post talks about pasting JavaScript into a browser console so we're entering advanced land here. From a security standpoint you should never paste random code from the internet into a browser console unless you are 100% sure what it does. This applies to anything on this site too. If you can't understand the code it's best to just give this post a miss. To put the risks into perspective - If I wanted to be a meanie, I could add a few lines of code that literally deletes everything from your store, or even lock you out of your account. So yeah, safety first peoples!

The Code. Not a js comment in sight...

There's some code in place that makes this Chrome only. You'll be able to adapt the code here so that it works for other browsers for the sake of simplicity and article writing on my end - I went with the path of least resistance. Grab the script from here or just use the embedded version below.


"Dude, can't you just like add this into ShopifyFD?"

I probably will but since that has at least 7-8000 weekly users I first need to make sure the code is a lot tighter and better handles different browsers.

[update] ^ This feature has been added to ShopifyFD...

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