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I make no secret that I am a big Shopify fan, but the reality is that no one service is perfect for everyone. Let's take a look at another hosted commerce solution in a similar space - LemonStand. It's a provider that I've been curious about for a while so I'm pretty keen to get stuck into a bullshit free pro and con list between the two. One thing that kept me interested in Lemonstand was that they have an app for handling Australia Post shipping. This is a pretty big must have for local store owners.

Despite the versus in the title don't expect a comment about which one is better. Every platform has it's own pros and cons - it's up to you to figure out the fit that works best for you. At the moment I think the following are the sections I'll run through. If there's something else you need to see added to the list just give me a shout in the comments.

  • Signing Up
  • Dashboard
  • Adding Products
  • Adding Pages
  • Custom Fields
  • Checkout
  • Themes
  • Development and Code edits
  • Community.





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